Tilapia / Jalebi Fish Scaled Uncut 2-3 pcs 1KG

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 Tilapia is the 4th most eaten fish in the world. And do you know, 100 grams of tilapia contains 4 times more protein than an egg ! and more vitamin B12 than half a litre of cow’s milk! Isn’t it insane! And you would wonder that it has zero carbs and only 128 calories. (fewer calories than a half roti! ) Just go for it if you want to lose some weight and gain some strong muscles. It’s affordable. It’s tasty. And good for losing weight. And yes, do remember that our tilapia is caught in India and not imported from China.

 "As a single mother and teacher, I have two big responsibilities. The first is to run my home affordably. And second is to provide healthy food to my two little kids. Buying tilapia from minglos, every week fulfils both of my needs pretty easily. Thanks! "          ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Roshni Sharma

Local names of TilapiaTilapia is called Thilaepia or Kari in Tamil, And Chilapi in Marathi