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Silver Pomfret / (8 TO 9+ COUNT/ 1KG

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Pomfret is widely known for its subtle non-fishy taste and mouthwatering white flesh. It’s a bit costly but it definitely stands on its price. Most people like to eat it stuffed but you can also try other delicious dishes like pomfret Rava fry, pomfret curry and baked pomfret. Order it now and let us know which dish is on the top of your list.

 "A few days ago I ordered a 1 kg pomfret from Minglos. Made a curry with some rice and coriander on the top and oh..boy I have to say it tasted heavenly….I am not sure if it's the magic of my hands or the freshness of the fish...I think both. Definitely going to order more from them."                            ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Avni Bhargav

Silver Pomfret Is Also Knows As -
Maanji in Mumbai and vawall in parts of South India. It is called zubaidi in Arabic etc.