Pork Green Chilli Sausage 500g

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Like roasted chillies? Then you definitely gonna love our new pork green chilli sausages. Literally...with every bite, your mouth will burst with the smokey flavours of our home-grown green chillies...your tastebuds will crave more as you put your teeth inside our tasty farm-raised pork meat...And we guarantee, your mouth will start watering just by smelling the Smoked aroma of our pork green chilli sausages!- Order now!

 " I love the smell (and of course the taste) of roasted green chillies. In fact, I never eat my samosas and vada pavs without it. And the same feeling goes for the sausages. I love green chilli sausages (especially when it is from minglos) "  - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Megha Verma