Jumbo Prawns - Peeled, Cleaned,Deveined Large 500g - MINGLO'S

Jumbo Prawns - Peeled, Cleaned,Deveined Large 500g

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Imagine some freshly caught and neatly peeled prawns laying down on your plate...Garnished with some coriander on top and waiting for you to grab them from the tail and put them in your mouth. They all are soft, juicy, and filled with all the goodness that could easily melt your heart and make up your mood...But be careful, that you don't break them and spoil their look...Because, they are looking really mouth-watering. Don't they?

 "To be honest, I suck in peeling those prawns. I really love prawns but whenever I try to clean or peel them I end up crushing them and that is why I always order from minglos, they really know how to do their job!"                         ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Deepak Karkera

Prawns Are Also Known As -Jingo Jimbo in Gujarathi, Safed zinga in Marathi, and Chindi in Bengali.