Common Questions That We Get From Our Beloved Customers

Are your products really free from chemicals? Or is it just your sales pitch?

Have you heard this saying- Guests Are God.

Well, here at Minglos we really believe in this. It’s our core Mantra of running this business.

And that is the reason why we will never lie to you and will always serve you pure food. Completely free from any kind of chemicals. 

How Do You Maintain The Freshness Of Your Foods?
As I told you before, We don’t use any chemicals. Then it is obvious that this question popped in your mind- How do we maintain freshness?

Well, it’s quite simple. 

Unlike those so-called “Big Brands”, Instead of buying fishes from big ships that return months after the catches, we directly buy our fishes from local small scale fishermen  ( yes, the ones with the little wooden boats and who have tremendous experience in catching delicious fishes- Daily)

We buy from them on a daily basis, providing them with employment in return for some delicious fish. And after their catch, we select the best fishes, sanitize them at our hygienic facility and send them directly to you in ice-cold packages. Hence, No Chemicals Needed!

Ohh, Damn! I Ordered By Mistake! How Do I Cancel Now...

Well, we understand...Don’t worry, just shoot us a message immediately or within 4 to 5 hours and we will courteously return your money within 48 hours or less.

I Am Not Home At The Time Of Delivery, What Should I Do?

Simple….Just contact our customer service and tell them to reschedule your order time and date ( or location)

How on time are you guys?

Have you heard the name- Flash ( yes, the superhero guy )

Yeah, he and our delivery team are the same- Lightning Fast!

We deliver our orders 99.99% on time! Within 24 hours or less...But if there is a tornado or a Tsunami going on outside, then we might get late. ( We will try our best to surf the waves )

Do You Support Cash On Delivery ( COD ) Or Online Payments?

We support both. You can pay with Paytm, Gpay, RazorPay And with a lot others...

Is my credit card details safe on your site?
Yes.  Absolutely! Can you see the https on or URL? ( look at the upper left corner) Well, this denotes that our site is secure and by the way,  we do not store your credit card details in our system. 

While I was paying by net banking, It says- ‘your session expired’ What It means?

Ohh...You took too long to pay!

This is a security protocol. And this happens when you take too long to pay. Just go back to the website and try to order again. But this time much faster ( remember the Flash? ) And if the problem continues, change the payment option. Try COD

My transaction has failed while paying online.
Don’t worry it’s just a little issue, Go back to the site and order again through the cash on delivery payment option. And if the system says- “Verification Failed” and the amount was debited from your account, then don’t panic, it will be refunded within 7 working days.

How many days it will take to get a refund If I cancel my order which was made using an online payment option.

Well, it will take somewhere around 7-8 business days. Coz, we have to deal with your bank!