Catch To Kitchen In No Time

Attention: Our Fish Haven’t Been To The Fish Market. And Neither Should You!
Those closely packed lanes with blood stains on the street, continuous shouting of sellers, and that stinky smell you could smell from miles away…
Did you get the picture?
Then ask yourself do you like that?
Of course, you could get the best bargains but do you know that there's a dirty truth hiding over there…
A recent survey revealed that most of the fish markets in India lack proper drainage, do not have toilets and some have even become dumping grounds for garbage.
It might be extremely dangerous...
Especially in times like these, where hygiene should be our utmost priority. Doctors suggest that one should buy the fish from  hygienic places only...And that’s where we come in…
Unlike other companies-
We buy live fish directly from the little fishermen
We deep freeze them at -40 degrees in our advanced and hygienic surroundings to keep their freshness locked in.
We cut them with sanitized knives and other necessary equipments 
We make sure that every delivery boy wears a proper mask, sanitizer and hand gloves to ensure your safety.
And the best part is...
We Are A little Firm And That’s What Makes Us Better Than Others. 
You may have already noticed that unlike other companies we have a very limited product line. 
And that’s because we want to keep the process extremely simple and free from mistakes. Here’s what I mean...
If a company sells a variety of meat products then don’t you think that there are high chances of the meats mixing with each other?
You see, it’s a practical thing...
The larger the company is, the more will be the mistakes....And hence more problems-
Tough to maintain  social distancing as they use more man power.
Tough to maintain hygiene as they have a large production unit. 
Tough to keep the fish fresh as they buy their fish in large quantities and who knows how old they might be?
And in addition…
There’s also a high possibility that they might be using chemicals like ammonia, formalin and chlorine to make the fish look shiny and fresh.
So now tell me, which fish would you prefer to buy?
The healthy and hygienic one or a fish which might be weeks older and was kept in chemicals that are used to preserve specimens?
Well, we know the answer…
Here’s the link of our product page. Go ahead and cook some tasty meal-