Rohu Clean & Cut Headless - Net Weight 500gm

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Ummmaaah, I loved it! This would be your husband’s reaction when tomorrow you will delight him, after a long and tiring workday with a deliciously cooked Rohu. It will change his mood from worst to amazingly sweet...And we guarantee That. Because we know, we have caught this fresh rohu from the purest rivers of south India- that gives the highest quality and taste. Go buy it and show your cooking skills.

 "5 years ago, during my hostel times, we used to have a Rohu fish party every second Friday- with my three best friends- In my little room. And last week, I invited my friends, bought somewhere around 5 kg of Rohu, and recreated that awesome party- It was really delightful. Thanks for the fresh fish and fast delivery Minglos!  "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Sawan Brahamane

Local names of Rohu -Rohu is a worldwide name and it is called kannadi or kendai in Tamil.