Catla Clean & Cut - Net Weight 500gm

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If someday you wake up and see the news saying- Catla Gone Extinct!. Then there’s only one group behind, i.e. Bengalis ;)  Catla is the favorite and most popular fish in Bengal. And they eat a lot ( literally a LOT ). However, it’s not their fault, coz, this fish is really damn tasty and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that keep your heart healthy, your vision sharp and your bones strong. We do recommend that you just buy it right now! Coz, who knows when Bengalis eat them all ;)

 "I am not much of a fish fan but when it comes to Catla, especially when it is cooked by my mom, I couldn’t stop my hands. In fact, I can eat it 7 days a week, at both dinner and lunch! ( yeah, I like it that much, I am not a  Bengali though ;) "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Aditya Goswami

Local names of Catla - Catla is known as Bengal Carp in English, Karakatla, or Karaka in Malayalam and Kanavi in the Tamil language.