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Free delivery on orders above ₹1500
Rawas / Indian Salmon / Threadfin 1.6kg To 1.9kg (Whole/Unclean/Uncut)

Rawas / Indian Salmon / Threadfin 3kg to 3.6kg (Whole/UnClean/UnCut)

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Besides its lip-smacking taste and healthy white meat, Rawas is also known for its countless health benefits.

We tried to list some of them below-

  • It helps you lose weight. ( yes, now you can eat as much as you want )  
  • It Improves Your Eyesight ( best for your hardworking kids) 
  • It helps you relieve stress ( Eat it daily to get yourself out of depression)

And not just that…

It also helps you lower the risk of heart attack, strokes, heart arrhythmia, and high blood pressure.

By the way, the list still doesn't end goes on and on...that’s why don’t wait for us to publish it all here and order it now if you want to keep your health on track.

 "Being a basketball player I can say that this fish really helped me in my career. It's full of nutrients and minerals that are required to have an energetic and athletic body.." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Premila Dsouza

Rawas is also known as -

Indian Salmon, Rawas in Hindi, and Maga in Telugu.

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