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Free delivery on orders above ₹1500
Bombay Duck Is Also Knows As - Bummalo, Bamaloh, Loytta, Bombil etc.

Bombay Duck / Bombil (10 to 12+ Count/1kg)

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Bombay duck or Bombil is not a duck but a fish. You can eat it with gravy or you can also fry them up...Bombils are very fleshy fish ( especially ours) and that’s what makes them tasty. It’s so tasty that when it is on the pan, It’s delicious smell would force you to do rounds around your kitchen. It is beloved to western regions of India, so beloved that they’ve eaten it nearly to extinction...So order it now before it’s gone.

 "I literally dig those big fleshy bombils. And I am fortunate that I found Minglos; their bombils are far superior to those at local markets.  Because of its softness Bombils have become the weekend staples for my family. ( I usually deep fry them and serve it with lemons...Try it, It will blow your mind)"    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Adityaa Mittal


Bombay Duck Is Also Knows As -
Bummalo, Bamaloh, Loytta, Bombil etc.

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