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A Perfect Lip-Smacking Bombil Fry!
A Perfect Lip-Smacking Bombil Fry!

The secret behind a Perfect, lip-smacking, and literally mouth-watering Bombil Fry (or any fish fry)  lies in….

No, Not in the Masalas…

Nope, Not in the cooking time too…

And, No, Not even in the recipe at all…

The absolute secret behind a perfect Fish fry is…(Drum-rolling please)

The fish Itself--Its freshness.

Seems obvious?  ( Yeah, I was hoping for something better Ujjawal )

Well, It might seem obvious to you, but you won't believe how many people travel miles, go in the crowd, and even line up to buy those Unhygienic, Months-Old Fishes.

They walk in blood-stained, stinky lanes and risk their and their family's health to save some bucks.

Well, I know saving money is a good thing, but for that, risking your family's health is not the right way to do it...

And I am glad that you are not one of them...

You know that within a few clicks, you can get the freshest fish delivered straight at your home.

And you also know very well that unlike others, we don't source our fish from fish markets. And Instead, we directly buy from the small scale fishermen. 

Thanks for being that smart :)

Anyways, below is the order link and a 15% off discount code. Go buy a fresh bombil right now and let's start making a perfect lip-smacking bombil fry that could make your guests fan of yours.

Bombil fry only requires a few ingredients to spread its heavenly taste in your mouth. Here they are-


  • 5 -6 Bombils ( Also known as Bombay ducks) 
  • 5- 7 garlic cloves
  • salt as per taste 
  • 2 tbsp red chili powder 
  • Oil for deep frying
  • 1/2 cup rice flour   

Here’s the 5 steps simple method to make a perfect lip-smacking bombil fry.

Step 1- First we need to wash and clean each of the bombils in fresh running water. And after cleaning the bombils properly here comes the most important step.

Step 2- Place all the bombils on a clean towel, cover it up from both sides ( it should look like a big sandwich ), and then put a weight over the towel.  The purpose of this step is to remove all the moisture from the bombils so that it becomes more crispy when cooked)

Step 3- Now after removing all the moisture from the bombils set it aside for 30 mins. And meanwhile, prepare the masala, here’s how- Take a bowl and mix salt, 5-7 pieces of crushed garlic, and 2 tbsp red chili powder with 1- 2 tbsp water.

Pro Tip- To make the bombils more crispy do not add the water in the masala ( not even 1tbsp)  

Step 4- In this step, apply the prepared masala all over the bombils, set it aside for 15 minutes, and put each bombil into the rice flour. Make sure the rice flour is properly coated on both sides. Now let’s move on to the 5th and the final step.

Step 5- Heat oil in a pan, deep fry each and every bombil and take out the bombils when it turns golden brown. Serve it with onion rings and lemon and your bombil fry is ready to tickle your tastebuds.
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