A perfect Konkani Style Pomfret fry – MINGLOS
A perfect Konkani Style Pomfret fry
A perfect Konkani Style Pomfret fry

Before you read this below recipe, I would like to give you a quick tip-

Never buy a pre-cut fish from local markets or any store that does not have proper hygiene. And yes Before cutting any fish, please properly wash the fish and the knife with boiling water ( Around 100*C ) You can also add natural sanitizer in the water for better sanitization.

Well, It might be common knowledge to you but you won’t believe how many people do that. And we think that it’s our job to create as much awareness as we can to protect you, us and our whole Nation.

By the way, I am very proud to tell you that we use this exact same process of sanitization in our shop. Our every seafood Item is completely hand washed with natural sanitizers ( yes, we don’t like to use chemicals on our fishes) 

Every Minglo’s employee wears a mask, a head cap, and gloves to maintain a perfect hygienic environment in the store. So please consider us before going to the fish market.

So with that being said, now, let’s jump straight into our lip-smacking recipe-

Here’s how you can too make a perfect Konkani Style Pomfret fry in just 6 simple steps.

But first, make sure you have all the ingredients-

1 kg of white ( or black ) Pomfret fish

Salt, according to your taste

Sunflower Oil for shallow frying

1/2 cup fresh  grated coconut

2 teaspoon Jeera ( cumin seeds)

5-6 Dry Red Chillies

1 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi)

Few Garlic cloves

One little 2 inches chopped ginger

2 Green Chillichopped

4 Cardamom (Elaichi) Pods/Seeds


Step 1- The first step is to  purchase 1 kg freshly caught Pomfret from Minglos ( we’ve both black and white, the choice is yours)

Step 2- Now wash the pomfrets in the running water and put them on a chopping board. After that, make 3-5 little diagonal cuts ( grooves ) on each pomfret so that it will help the masalas to easily seep inside.

Step 3- In this step you need to prepare the Konkani masala, and here’s how you can do it-


Saute the grated coconut with 6-8 cloves of garlic, a bit of ginger, 2 green chillies, 4-6 red chillies, some cardamom, half teaspoon Haldi ( turmeric) and  2 tbsp jeera for about 2-5 minutes ( until the coconut turns light brown and you start smelling the aroma )

Step 4- Make a paste by grinding the Konkani masala in the mixer ( add 2tbsp water if you want) And then coat it evenly on the pomfrets. Make sure you put the Konkani masala into the cuts ( Feel free to use your hands. )

Step 5- After evenly applying the Konkani masala, left the pomfrets for an hour for marination. And when the hour-long marination gets done, shallow fry them on medium flames. And remember,  do not turn the fish until it’s one side turns golden )

Step 6- Now when both the sides turn golden put all the pomfrets on a plate, wash your hands, call your kids and husband, and allow them to just chew down every single piece of it.

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